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2022/ in press

Ackerman K, Žák J, Kachlík V, Svojtka M, Tomek F, Santolík V, Sláma J, Trubač J, Strnad L, Vacek F (2022) The diversity of sources of late Archean granites reflects a transition from plume-dominated to plate tectonics in the Superior Province, Canada. Precambrian Research 370: 106525

Ackerman K, Žák J, Žák K, Pašava J, Kachlík V, Hora J, Veselovský F, Hajná J (2022) Carbon, oxygen, and strontium isotopic fingerprint in Neoproterozoic to early Cambrian limestones in an active margin setting: A record of local environment or global changes? Precambrian Research 370: 106538

Syahputra R, Žák J, Nance RD (2022) Cambrian sedimentary basins of northern Gondwana as geodynamic markers of incipient opening of the Rheic Ocean Gondwana Research in press

Tomek F, Opluštil S, Svojtka M, Špillar V, Rapprich V, Míková J (2022) Altenberg–Teplice Caldera sourced Westphalian fall tuffs in the central and western Bohemian Carboniferous basins (eastern Variscan belt) International Geology Review in press

Žák J, Svojtka M, Gerdjikov I, Kounov A, Vangelov DA (2022) The Balkan terranes: a missing link between the eastern and western segments of the Avalonian–Cadomian orogenic belt? International Geology Review in press


Ackerman L, Pašava J, Žák J, Žák K, Kachlík V, Šebek O, Trubač J, Svojtka M, Veselovský F, Strnad L, Santolík V (2021) Arc-related black shales as sedimentary archives of sea-level fluctuations and plate tectonics during the late Neoproterozoic: an example from the Bohemian Massif Marine and Petroleum Geology 123: 104713

Pašava J, Ackerman L, Žák J, Veselovský F, Creaser RA, Svojtka M, Luais B, Pour O, Šebek O, Trubač J, Vosáhlová E, Cividini D (2021) Elemental and isotopic compositions of trench-slope black shales, Bohemian Massif, with implications for oceanic and atmospheric oxygenation in early Cambrian Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 564: 110195

Roberts NMW, Žák J, Vacek F, Sláma J (2021) No more blind dates with calcite: fluid-flow vs fault-slip along the Očkov thrust, Prague Basin Geoscience Frontiers 12: 101143

Žák J, Tomek F, Svojtka M, Vacek F, Kachlík V, Ackerman L, Ježek J, Petronis MS (2021) Distributed crustal shortening followed by transpressional shearing in the Superior Province, northeastern Canada: a Late Archean analogy to modern accretionary plate margins? Precambrian Research 362: 106322


Trubač J, Žák J, Kondrová L (2020) Magmatic tempos in large hot orogens in comparison with continental margin arcs Journal of Geology 128: 465–475

Žák J, Svojtka M, Hajná J, Ackerman L (2020) Detrital zircon geochronology and processes in accretionary wedges Earth-Science Reviews 207: 103214


Ackerman L, Hajná JŽák J, Erban V, Sláma J, Polák L, Kachlík V, Strnad L, Trubač J (2019) Architecture and composition of ocean floor subducted beneath northern Gondwana during Neoproterozoic to Cambrian: a palinspastic reconstruction based on Ocean Plate Stratigraphy (OPS) Gondwana Research 76: 77–97

Hajná JŽák J, Ackerman L, Svojtka M, Pašava J (2019) A giant late Precambrian chert-bearing olistostrome discovered in the Bohemian Massif: a record of Oceanic Plate Stratigraphy (OPS) disrupted by mass-wasting along an outer trench slope Gondwana Research 74: 173–188

Nádaskay R, Žák J, Sláma J, Sidorinová T, Valečka J (2019) Deciphering the Late Paleozoic to Mesozoic tectonosedimentary evolution of the northern Bohemian Massif from detrital zircon geochronology and heavy mineral provenance International Journal of Earth Sciences 108: 2653–2681

Paterson SR, Ardill K, Vernon RH, Žák J (2019) A review of mesoscopic magmatic structures and their potential for evaluating the hypersolidus evolution of intrusive complexes Journal of Structural Geology 125: 997–1016

Tomek F, Žák J, Svojtka M, Finger F, Waitzinger M (2019) Emplacement dynamics of syn-collapse ring dikes: an example from the Altenberg–Teplice caldera, Bohemian Massif Geological Society of America Bulletin 131: 997–1016

Tomek F, Gilmer AK, Petronis MS, Lipman PW, Foucher MS (2019) Protracted multipulse emplacement of a post-resurgent pluton: the case of Platoro caldera complex (Southern Rocky Mountain volcanic field, Colorado) Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 20: 5225–5250

Tomek F, Vacek FŽák J, Petronis MS, Verner K, Foucher MS (2019) Polykinematic foreland basins initiated during orthogonal convergence and terminated by orogen-oblique strike-slip faulting: an example from the northeastern Variscan belt Tectonophysics 766: 379–397

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Žák J, Svojtka M, Opluštil S (2018) Topographic inversion and changes in the sediment routing systems in the Variscan orogenic belt as revealed by detrital zircon and monazite U–Pb geochronology in post-collisional continental basins Sedimentary Geology 377: 63–81

Hajná J, Žák J, Dörr W, Kachlík V, Sláma J (2018) New constraints from detrital zircon ages on prolonged, multiphase transition from the Cadomian accretionary orogen to a passive margin of Gondwana Precambrian Research 317: 159–178

Žák J, Sláma J (2018) How far did the Cadomian ʽterranesʼ travel from Gondwana during Early Paleozoic? A critical reappraisal based on detrital zircon geochronology International Geology Review 60: 313–338


Hajná J, Žák J, Dörr W (2017) Time scales and mechanisms of growth of active margins of Gondwana: a model based on detrital zircon ages from the Neoproterozoic to Cambrian Blovice accretionary complex, Bohemian Massif Gondwana Research 42: 63–83

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Tomek F, Žák J, Verner K, Holub FV, Sláma J, Paterson SR, Memeti V (2017) Mineral fabrics in high-level intrusions recording crustal strain and volcano-tectonic interactions: the Shellenbarger pluton, Sierra Nevada, California Journal of the Geological Society, London 174: 193–208

Trubač J, Janoušek V, Žák J, Somr M, Kabele P, Švancara J, Gerdes A, Žáčková E (2017) Origin of reverse compositional and textural zoning in granite plutons by localized thermal overturn of stratified magma chambers Lithos 277:315–336

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Žák J, Verner K, Tomek F, Johnson K, Schwartz JJ (2017) Magnetic fabrics of arc plutons reveal a significant Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous change in the relative plate motions of the Pacific Ocean basin and North America
Geosphere 13:11–21


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Faryad SW, Žák J (2016) High-pressure granulites of the Podolsko complex, Bohemian Massif: an example of crustal rocks that were subducted to mantle depths and survived a pervasive mid-crustal high-temperature overprint Lithos 246–247: 246–260

Tomek F, Žák J, Holub FV, Chlupáčová M, Verner K (2016) Growth of intra-caldera lava domes controlled by various modes of caldera collapse, the Štiavnica volcano–plutonic complex, Western Carpathians Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 313: 183–197


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