Laboratory of Rock Magnetism


Laboratory of Rock Magnetism is equipped with high-end facilities for field sampling, measuring the magnetic susceptibility of oriented specimens, and statistical data processing and interpretation. We use a tuned-up hand-held gasoline-powered drills Tanaka TED-262 and Hitachi DW25EF with diamond-tipped non-magnetic drill bids (Urdiamant) for collecting oriented samples in the field, the Laboratory is fully equipped with the multi-function Kappabridge MFK-1A with 3D rotator, CS4 Furnace Apparatus, and CS-L Low-temperature Cryostat Apparatus. The data are processed using the Anisoft software.

Our main goal is to develop geologic applications of the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) method and to promote research in rock magnetism at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague. The Laboratory has been designed primarily for non-commercial scientific purposes, primarily for students and faculty members. Using the Laboratory is free of charge on the understanding that the users strictly follow the operating instructions.

The Laboratory was founded in 2010 thanks to the financial support from the Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague (in part through the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic Research Plan No. MSM0021620855).

In 2020, we plan to expand the Laboratory with an AGICO JR-6A automatic spinner magnetometer, LDA5 alternating field demagnetizer and PAM1 anhysteric/pulse magnetizer apparatus. This will allow us to launch the anisotropy of (anhysteric) remanent magnetization (AARM) analyses, and basic paleomagnetic measurements of natural remanent magnetization (NRM) and alternating filed (AF) demagnetization.

Contact: Filip Tomek, email:, phone: 221951465